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Motherlord of an expat family in Berlin. From rainy (but lovely!) Seattle, I write for about.com, German-Way, InsidersAbroad, EasyExpat & blog at ianandebe.blogspot.com. Drink, travel, write.

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Nurnberg sausages 3 article

Germany's Best Sausages & Where to Eat Them

You can't have German cuisine without Wurst (sausage). Here are 8 of Germany's best sausage and where to eat them.

Dsc04695 article

Guide for expats in London

Comprehensive information for expats moving to London.

132338731 article

What NOT to do at Oktoberfest

I did it all wrong so you don't have to.

1280px berchtesgaden1 article

What to Do in Berchtesgaden, Germany

Much more than Hitler's infamous "Eagle's Nest"

Dsc05471 article

Visit Berlin's Disco Ball

The Berliner Fernsehturm dominates the Berlin skyline no matter where you are in the city. Find out how much, where & why to visit.

Matilda bear 300x168 article

8 Things I Learned About Giving Birth in Germany | The German ...

8 Things I Learned About Giving Birth in Germany | ...

Matilda in a bar article

5 Things I Can Do with a Kid in Germany that I Can't in the USA

I would get child services called on me for some of these in the USA

Open uri20140106 1891 uiovfx article

We Ate the East End: Eating London Food Tours

A glorious day with the East London Food Tour eating our way through the best bits of the city.

Open uri20140413 24125 31t8fk article
The Frisky

Girl Talk: My Pregnancy Is Really Interfering With My Drinking

Plans for celebratory champagne were not only cancelled, but all drinking plans were delayed for at least nine months. I was stumped. How do you celebrate without bubbly?

Schnitzel lemon 838 article

How to Eat Like a German

Expat "How To" Guides – German customs related to mealtimes, popular dishes, typical beverages, and table manners.

Ian couch berlin ubahn 2 article

Moving in Germany: Couches on the U-Bahn

A recent couch move on the U-Bahn reminded me of the bad ole days and I thought it was time to share my expertise on moving – from small to big – in Germany.

Pregnant in berlin 600x347 article

Having a Baby in Germany: Prenatal Care | The German Way & More

Having a Baby in Germany: Prenatal Care | The Germa...

Dscn0398 article

Where is the Best Military Museum in Germany?

Dresden's Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr is a mouthful and the best military museum in Germany.

Img 3637 article
exberliner magazine

Estonian pick-me-up

Stepping up to fill our Glühwein-shaped void is Jää-äär, a new Estonian cafe in Wedding. They provide Estonian specialty coffee and nibbles with fans in high places.

Open uri20140306 29335 1m6xukm article

Confessions of an Expat TV Addict in Germany

How to watch TV from abroad in Germany and the legality of downloading, streaming, etc.